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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hutan Lipur Kijang - We didn't make it :(

This is one trip I couldn't be proud of... sob... it was one gungho morning that I dragged 2 buddies to Hutan Lipur Kijang, with the hope of reaching Lata Kijang, one of the tallest waterfall in Malaysia. Found a trail on the GPS and a waypoint of Lata Kijang - N3 11.684 E101 59.278. It's actually on the north peak of Negri Sembilan bordering Pahang, north of Titi and Kuala Kelawang.

We stopped for breakfast @ PJ State at the Chinese Coffee Shop next to the UOB bank. The porridge, prawn noodles and pork ribs wan tan mee are really good here.

After breakfast, we took head to Cheras and went into the Silk highway but immediately cuts into the old road to Hulu Langat, from there, we hit B32, winding road up and down hills with fantastic view of mountains and forest, fresh air and full of pro-looking cyclist along the way, not mention orang asli too. We passed the Semenyih Dam and I must say the view is magnificently breath taking!

The B32 highway then crossed into N32 and we turn to N25 to reach the small road to Hutan Lipur Kijang. We took the first trail we found, it passed through chicken farms in small narrow uneven tar road that's partly covered with mud and rocks.

It looks like an abandon road and we are now in between Felda's operated rubber estates. Once we reached the junction that joins the 2 trails to our destination I realised that the other road is in much better condition! Dammit :(

Anyway, the road starts to get windy and soon we are passing orang asli's settlements which you can see either orang asli's farm house and villages. Soon, we are 10 kilometeres into the road and we hit the signboard "Hutan Lipur Kijang and Gunung Hantu Besar"! Gunung Hantu Besar, hehehe... so distrubing, scare or not.

Like heroes, we hit the trail, no more half tarred road but good old muddy trails with shoulder high lalang (long bladed grass) on both side of the road. Its really a scary feeling because we couldn't see what's in front for too far and there is no place to u-turn, and the worst is my truck is only a 4X2 hehehe... sor chai or not? :P

Anyhow after another 10-15 mins into the muddy trail, we passed through more orang asli settlements and soon we reach the side of a rapid river. Across the river used to be a campsite but now most of it is being blocked off as a private farm. The road condition for worst with big gaps and we need to get down to navigate the truck through. Soon we reach a slippery hill which the truck got stuck halfway. Common sense tell us to either walk the rest of the path or turn back, being lazy city slickers, we turned back :P. At this point of time, I could no longer see any thread on my AT tyres as its fully covered in mud. We settle for the rapid river and took a much needed dip there, the weather was killingly hot that day.

The water is cold and current is strong, but at the turn of the river, its deep and nice. 3 guys in the jungle, so stupid game came up. Trying to see who can make the rock skip the most of the river. Turn out that Ah Choo is a pro at this :) who later started collecting rocks for his plants.

Anyhow, as noon near, we head back out to civilization, although I have this boh kum nguen feeling of not making it to the falls and pledging that my next vehicle will be 4X4, we are just hungry and wanted food. At the cross road, I took the other small road out and it passed through a whole lot of villages and I could see people fishing by the river as it flows down from where we were. We later hit the further part of N25 and made our way back.

Wanting to use an alternative road and see what's good to eat nearby, we head to Titi and Jelebu area. These are small villages before reaching Kuala Kelawang. Basically you see small rows of shoplots and signboards to fruit farms and small villages along the way. So happened at that point of time I remembered one of my colleague's hometown is Jelebu, gave him a call and hey, he's in town!

So, we got hooked up and he brought us to a family run small chinese stalls in town for lunch. Funny thing is all the shops are closed including eating places we saw along the way. Life seems so much more relaxing here. Anyhow, story cut short, we ordered a simple vege, fried marinated pork and 2 noodles. The noodles are ok but I love the marinated pork, superbly tasty. Price is relative cheap too, small town standard la.

Although we didn't quite make it, but I had a good time overall, but one day, I will shall be back and I shall conquer it then!

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